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Botox services offered in Groton, CT


Many people turn to Botox® to rejuvenate their look because it’s a simple and effective anti-aging treatment. Robert Ecker, MD, FAAD, Luanne Hespeler, MPAS,PA-C, and Christopher Thompson, MPAS, PA-C, of cosmetic dermatology experts at Integrated Dermatology of Groton in Groton, Connecticut, provide Botox injections to help their patients look as young as they feel. The experts have advanced training in cosmetic dermatology and ensure you get injections that give you the best possible results. Call today to schedule your Botox consultation.

Botox Q & A

What should I know about Botox?

Botox is the best-known brand of botulinum toxin therapy. It’s an injection that temporarily blocks nerve messages. Botox has many uses but is most utilized to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The cosmetic injection works by temporarily stopping the muscle movement that creates the etched-in lines. When you frown, your facial muscles create a groove that folds the skin. The repeated folding, along with age-related skin changes, causes the permanent lines and wrinkles.

By stopping muscle movement, Botox gives your skin time to relax and naturally smooth itself out. Botox treats crow’s feet, frown lines, and worry lines. 

Xeomin® and Dysport® are also brands used for botulinum toxin therapy to smooth out facial lines and wrinkles. 

I’m starting to get worry lines. Should I use Botox now?

The cosmetic dermatology experts at Integrated Dermatology of Groton can talk to you about Botox and other skin rejuvenating treatments and help you decide what treatment makes the right choice for you. 

Botox is FDA-approved to treat adults with moderate to severe worry lines, as well as the lines in between the eyebrows (frown lines) and at the outer corner of the eyes (crow’s feet). Starting Botox injections when you first notice the lines may help prevent or delay deeper, more permanent lines and wrinkles.

Regular Botox injections weaken the muscle, prolonging the wrinkle-reducing effects. 

What do Botox injections feel like?

Botox injections are well-tolerated by most people. You may feel a slight pinching sensation when the needle enters your skin, but the experts at Integrated Dermatology of Groton use a tiny needle and inject small amounts of the medication to get the desired results.

Botox injections take less than 30 minutes, and you can resume your usual routine after your session. However, the team recommends avoiding strenuous physical activity for about two hours to reduce the risk of bruising.

How long does Botox last?

Botox lasts up to four months. You can repeat your injections as soon as you notice the effects wearing off. 

The team at Integrated Dermatology of Groton may recommend combining your Botox with other therapies, such as other injectables like dermal fillers or laser therapy, to get more dramatic results.

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